Your Heart Matters Program

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This program is for you if you’d like to:

Be in the drivers’s seat instead of the passenger’s seat 
in your life and relationships.

Have emotional intelligence, navigation, and autonomy skills.
Know and stay true to yourself.
Respond instead of react when upset.
Create instead of destroy with your words.
Connect instead of feel lonely.
Resolve conflict when it comes up quickly.
Stop causing yourself unnecessary pain.
Know what you want and intentionally create it!

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TAKE THE TEST:   Is this program for me?
 Part 1:

    •  Would you like to better understand your feelings?
    •  Would you like to be able to constructively express your feelings?
    •  Do you feel hurt by others and stay in pain?
    •  Would you like to stay true to yourself and take care of yourself in relationship?
    •  Would you like to connect with others more deeply and easily?
    •  Would you like to be able to talk about things when they come up rather than
        fight about them or stay silent and suffer?
    •  Would you like to be able to communicate your wants and needs in a way
        that is authentic AND inspiring to others?
    •  Would you like to feel emotionally content? 

Part 2:

  1. Do your relationships start to decline or do you simply end relationships when

    disappointment or conflict comes up?

  1. Does your partner say s/he can’t talk about things with you?  Or not want to talk about things anymore?

  2. Are you afraid to say something since you speaking up in the past didn’t go so well?

•  Does your partner or others get defensive when you share your feelings?

  1. Do you not communicate sometimes because you think it won’t make a difference?  

•  Do you say things when you are angry and regret them later?

•  Are you resentful or unresolved toward anyone about anything?

  1. Do you want to say something but not know how to say it?

  2. Is it hard for you to respond, instead of react, to indirect and irresponsible communication?

  3. Are you unable to go on romantically after having a bad experience?

  4. Do you feel stuck in a situation that isn’t entirely serving you?

  5. Would you like to create what you REALLY want in your life & relationships?

If you answered “YES” to a number of these, this Program is for you.


     All of my relationships have shifted since I started working with you.  I have mended a relationship I thought was completely broken beyond repair and prevented another from completely dissolving.  I'm responding to what would have previously been huge triggers for me in completely different ways.  What you taught me is incredibly powerful!”   - A.W.

     "I have been enjoying browsing through the folder of lessons that you gave me, looking at my notes, and remembering things I had forgotten... A truly formidable guide to communication you have created."   - B.A.

     "Your program broke down the conditioning and thought patterns in me that were limiting me and holding me back from living a peaceful and fulfilling life.  It is not an exaggeration for me to say that the deep insights into healthy communication that you guided me though put me on a path to enlightenment."      - A.T.

     “I love your work.  I’m functioning at a whole new level now.”    - T.D.

       “Since working with you, I am catching things with my clients that I would have missed before.”    - A.W.

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