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 Course 1:  Heartful vs. Hurtful Communication & Listening Skills

• Do you communicate & listen in a way that is heartful or hurtful (to your relationship(s)?

• Are you having the experiences that you want to have in your life and relationships?

• Are you turning others off or on when you express your feelings, wants, and


• Are you able to talk about things when they come up or do you end up fighting?

• Would you like to connect with others in a sincere, safe, and mutually satisfying way

   more easily?

    For discerning your head from your heart and what results from coming from each, and being able to express yourself constructively, and hear another person, no matter how s/he communicates.  This course is a Basic Need for everyone desiring to be a masterful and powerful creator, communicator, & listener.  



 Course 2:   Emotional Care, Navigation & Autonomy

                           Pre-requisite:  Course 1 (above)

  1. Are you utilizing your feelings wisely or crashing and burning and getting stuck in

   them, OR denying and ignoring your feelings?  

  1. Do you express yourself response-ably or reactively when you have feelings about


  1. Would you like to be able to feel good again easily when you start to feel bad?

  2. Would you like to feel good unconditionally?

    Vital for the sensitive who want to more easily move through things, and those who desire to get more in touch with their feelings and follow their heart.  Being a good navigator & response-able communicator of one's feelings, empowers one, saves one a lot of time and suffering, and is the essence of self-love.  This Emotional Thrival Guide makes it easy, results in feeling and being centered in love, being true to oneself, and expressing oneself response-ably.



 Course 3:  Conflict Resolution & Difficult Relationships Made Easy   

                           Pre-requisites:  Courses 1 & 2 (above)

For you if you’d like to:

        • Learn how to resolve conflict quickly,  

        • Be able to listen and respond to indirect, irresponsible, negative


        • Be able to deal with communication avoidance and the silent treatment,  

        • Understand communicating with a man vs. a woman,  

        • Stop taking things personally, and

        • Save yourself time and suffering, and cut through crap coming at you easily.  



 Course 4:  Manifesting Your Heart's Desire

                           Pre-requisites:  Courses 1 & 2 (above)

    The way our head goes about manifesting is completely different than manifesting with our heart.  Once you have the above Course awarenesses and skills, you can deliberately use them to manifest whatever you want in your life.  In this Course, we will put everything together and learn the science of manifesting with our heart, whatever is desired-----career, relationship, experiences, & material things. 


All Courses and the Complete YOUR HEART MATTERS Program are

available to be taken INDIVIDUALLY at your own pace and time convenience.  

If you are interested, call to schedule a FREE Course and/or Program Exploratory Session to determine what would best serve you at this time.   415-342-5349


I look forward to sharing these very powerful courses or the whole program with you, and seeing you create what you want in your life and relationships when you utilize the wisdom in them.


Florence Schneider





       All of my relationships have shifted since I started working with you.  I have mended a relationship I thought was completely broken beyond repair and prevented another from completely dissolving.  I'm responding to what would have previously been huge triggers for me in completely different ways.  What you taught me is incredibly powerful!”   - A.W.

     "I have been enjoying browsing through the folder of lessons that you gave me, looking at my notes, and remembering things I had forgotten... A truly formidable guide to communication you have created."   - B.A. 

     "Your program broke down the conditioning and thought patterns in me that were limiting me and holding me back from living a peaceful and fulfilling life.  It is not an exaggeration for me to say that the deep insights into healthy communication that you guided me though put me on a path to enlightenment."   - A.T.                  

     “I love your work.  I’m functioning at a whole new level now.”    - T.D.

       “Since working with you, I am catching things with my clients that I would have missed before.”    - A.W.

    “I experienced Florence’s coaching and can say it is extremely powerful.  Highly recommended!”   (shared on FB)      -R.M.

     “Florence has intuition, sensitivity, and experience that opens heartfelt communication and connection.  Her grace and sense of humor endear her to others and her courage is contagious.  I recommend any opportunity to work with her. “ -D.S.