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     Your health matters and your heart matters to your health.  FLOWGA, Florence Schneider’s unique, deep, therapeutic, accessible,  gentle, whole person, heart connection movement process results in peace, freedom, health, heart connection, empowerment, and feeling great in our bodies.

    Because FLOWGA is an experiential education, as well as embodiment, of health, healing, heart, and happiness, conscious choice in our health, healing, heart, and happiness is learned in the process.

     Florence’s FLOWGA wisdom arises from her determination to return to mind-body-emotional health after being hit by a tractor when she was a child, and a whole array of challenges, on all levels, that she faced as a young adult (see biography).   When offered conventional treatments which would involve force and pain for hoped gain, pain management rather than complete resolution, temporary fixes and life-long crutches to manage imbalances, Florence felt inside that it must be possible to return to mind-body-emotional health naturally, and at the age of 16, began the journey to learn how to. 

    FLOWGA is Florence’s latest-greatest, tried on herself and true, total health maintenance practice that she has learned through her own journey back to health and wholeness.  Florence has been teaching for 20 plus years now. 

No prior experience is necessary.

Student Comments over the years:

     “♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Florence, you are truly a life saver.  Much thanks.”


                                                                                       one year student

     Posted voluntarily to SGV Community Group:

    ”Dear Community, We've participated in the FLOWGA course and highly recommend it.  Gently feeling from within what works for you. Zero effort, going with the flow. The result is instant, tangible, and bliss keeps expanding as you FLOWGA through your life.”

                                                                                                                    --Shola and Martijn



      “You are a gift and a rare teacher, Florence.  Travel safe, love yourself, and continue to touch the world.  Namaste.”


                                                                                       3 years student



      “Your class is very healing, both mind and body.  It was really an exceptional experience for me, and I was surprised.  I have never experienced this approach before and I have taken classes in many different studios throughout the bay area and the east coast as well.  Most of the other classes I have taken have only affected me on a physical level.  Your class affected me on all levels.  Thank you so much!”

                                                                                    --Kaycee W.

                                                                                       new student comment

     “Thank you for your wonderful and special class, that opened me up to a more meaningful life.”


                                                                                     4 years student

    “The knowledge you have given me has changed my life.  I can’t thank you enough!!”

                                                                                   --Sue H.

                                                                                     6 years student

Posted voluntarily to SGV Community Group:

    "I took my creaky body to Florence Schneider’s Chair Flowga Yoga class and I wanted to tell everyone, she is an absolute light being!  We did very gentle movements, and I walked out feeling very delicious in my body.  I highly recommend it."

                                                                                       --Cari A.

                                                                                          Flowga student

    “I leave Florence’s classes more complete, more self-accepting, and more connected with myself and others in heartful ways.”

                                                                                         --Susan A.

                                                                                            6 years student

    “The feeling of deep peace I get from the class stays with me all night.

                                                                                         --Blanche M.

                                                                                            3 years student


     “It was like sinking slowly into a warm bath.”

                                                                                           --Ron F.

                                                                                       new student comment

    “What happens in Florence’s classes isn’t left at the door.  These classes are an educational journey that allow me to breathe more freely and stay present to move through my daily life situations.“

                                                                                         --Paul V.

                                                                                           4 years student

    “Your yoga class changed my life for real.  You taught me to be in touch with my spiritual side and to be nice to myself.  I also became a certified yoga instructor and have yet to meet any instructor as awesome as you are!   Also, your sweet open spirit helped me open my heart.”

                                                                                      ---Sue H.

   To everyone new to Flowga, l recommend Florence Schneider whole heartily. I took my first yoga class from Florence about 15 years ago. From the very start, Florence introduced me to myself in a way that I could not have done by myself.

    Her capacity to empathize and understand where each student is coming from and needs to go is unparalleled. There is a knowing that precedes thinking and analysis that is a wonderful gift that she brings to us all. If you have the chance to attend one of her classes take it. Even better, if you can afford a private session it will be great! If you're open to it, you'll learn things that you didn't know you needed to know.
    Florence is a rare breed of teacher in a world where Yoga has been reduced to a kind of flexibility class in virtually every gym. Florence carries the torch for the great tradition of Yoga as a deep and wide spiritual tradition for self discovery that is constantly evolving.”

                                                                           --Randall B.

                                                                                   Posted on Florence’s Facebook FLOWGA page  

    “No matter how bad I feel, I show up to class, because I always feel much better afterwards.” 

                                                                                    --Kathleen G.

                                                                                             4 years student 

       Call :(415)342-5349



PRIVATE CLASSES:  Available for retreat centers, wellness centers, group homes, senior centers, treatment centers, hospitals, companies, etc. 


“A COURSE IN FEELING GREAT NATURALLY” now available.:  Knowledge is power.  Get empowered and feel great naturally. 

Call for a FREE Program Exploratory Session today.

Group and Individual Programs Available

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    “Flowga loves you, your whole self––body, mind, and heart, because you are not just a body, you are a person, and everything is connected.  What you feel matters.  Feeling is the heart of the practice of Flowga, and what results from it is feeling GREAT!”


    “This practice is how I reconnected with my whole, happy, healthy, heartful self and how I maintain my health and happiness everyday.”

              --Florence Schneider, CYT, CEH

                Certified Yoga Therapist

                “A Course in Feeling Great Naturally”,

                Program Creator and Facilitator,

                20+ years experience teaching