YOUR HEART MATTERS Counseling & Communication Coaching: 

Be supported in knowing and loving yourself, and in having the experiences that you would like to have in your personal and professional relationships.

Be supported in clarifying and communicating your feelings, wants, and needs in a straight-forward, skillful, heartful, and constructive way, and in responding to others skillfully, however they communicate.

YOUR HEALTH MATTERS: Heart Flowga Sessions:

Be individually & specifically supported in connecting and coming back to your whole healthy self via an individual HEART FLOWGA session with Florence.

Your individual session(s) may be a mixture of both types of sessions.

Types of Individual Sessions available:


Marin County, California


   “The best thing I ever did for myself was find Florence and stick with her.“

                     --E. D.

To set up an appointment,

call Florence at 415-342-5349.

Satisfaction Policy:  If afterwards you feel your session

wasn’t helpful, you may ask for your money back.

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