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Heart Matters

Counseling, Mediation, & Communication Coaching


Heart Matters

Marin County, California


  “Dear Florence, I am so grateful for how you helped me get clear about my underlying needs in a situation and how to express them in a loving, constructive manner.  I greatly appreciate your deep listening and support.  You’re quite a wise woman.” 


     “I love your work.  I’m functioning at a whole new level now.”


  “I like sharing with you because you are so understanding and accepting of me....I will always be so grateful to you for that.”


  ”Amazing sitting with you last really have a way of working with people.”


   ”Thank you for the safe, nurturing space that you create for me to get in touch with my feelings and needs.  I always receive what I need most in the moment.  You are truly a gift to me and the world.”


   “I just wanted to let you know that I think you are an angel of light.  You reconnected me to myself, inspired me to take back my life and take charge of my health naturally, giving me an alternative to regulating myself with medications.  You inspired me to be more than I ever thought I could be!”

                       --R. B.

  “You helped me get into that hard spot in my heart.”  You are really good.  I grew in here with you.”

                        --C. S.

    “I experienced Florence’s coaching this Wednesday and can say it is extremely powerful.  Highly recommended!”  

                         -R. M.

    “The best thing I ever did for myself was find Florence and stick with her.“

                     --E. D.

quickly resolving conflict (inner and outer),

connecting more deeply and meaningfully (with yourself and others),

clarifying your thoughts and feelings,

communicating what you want to in a straight-forward, constructive way (rather than destructive to yourself and your relationship), and

creating what you want in your life and relationships.

To set up an appointment,

call Florence at 415-342-5349.

Satisfaction Guarantee:  If afterwards you feel your session

wasn’t helpful, you may ask for your money back.

Leading-edge, Heart-Conscious, Counseling, Mediation, & Communication Coaching FOR:

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Proofreading & Upgrading -- letters, emails, & text communications:  

I will make sure your written communications are responsive (rather than reactive), constructive (rather

than destructive), inspiring rather than a turn off, clear, concise, and take care of your situation.

Send to me to be proofread and upgraded, as necessary.

In person, skype, & phone sessions available.

Debit and Credit Cards accepted.

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Emotional Care, Communication, & Manifestation PROGRAM                                

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