Florence Schneider’s counsel, communication coaching, facilitation, and classes are born out of 25-years exploration and determination to understand body, mind, emotional health, healing, life fulfillment, and relationship, to have a conscious choice in her own.  Naturally she is excited to share this choice and wisdom with others.

        A childhood tractor accident and a whole array of health challenges as a young adult inspired her to look into and learn how to naturally heal.  Amongst things she used to have are scoliosis (medical doctors wanted to put a rod in her back to straighten her back out), a lower back that would “go out” on a regular basis, one leg 1/2 inch shorter than the other (for which she was proposed to wear a heel lift for the rest of her life), and constant pain in her back (for which she used to have weekly chiropractor treatments and massages, just  to manage the pain).  She also used to be hypo- and hyper-glycemic (pre-diabetic).  Diabetes ran in her family and she was one step away.  She also had food allergies, trouble digesting food in general, was majorly up and down (depressed), had an unhealthy relationship with food and sugar (used food and sugar to regulate her emotions and any anxiety, and was far-sighted and so used to wear glasses for reading.  The natural health and healing wisdom she shares, she personally used to regain her own mind-body health.

        Although Florence is an original teacher and teaches from her own authentic and inspired experience, she has been certified by Integrative Yoga Therapy school and attended many other yoga teacher training programs, classes and workshops, spiritual development programs, and mind-body-emotional healing, human awareness, conscious communication, relationship, and empowerment programs.  At this point, she has birthed a whole new approach and school of yoga, currently called “Flowga”.

    The whole time healthy relationship with Self, healing, and release from unnecessary suffering has been a passionate focus, so has relationship with other.  Out of her desire to have and maintain a great relationship, understand her feelings, console herself emotionally, and express herself constructively, especially when triggered, her YOUR HEART MATTERS Counseling and Communication body of work took form.  Now she offers an in-depth education and support system called, “YOUR HEART MATTERS” PROGRAM, for those who want to make a significant and permanent shift in their capacity to take care of themselves emotionally, relate with others, and create what they want in their lives and relationships.

Amongst the many programs she attended and studied are (in order basically):

    ●  Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training/Certification,

    ●  Body-Mind Centering and Developmental Movement Patterns Yoga Teacher Training     

        Program with Donna Farhi,

    ●  Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training with then certification assesors Kristen Chirhart and

        Lee Sverkerson of the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Center, 

    ●  Vipassana meditation, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, 1995-present

    ●  A. H. Almaas and The Diamond Approach, a multifaceted and systematic understanding

        of the ontological nature of a person, ones psyche, and the development of a humans

        deepest potential,

    ●  The Diamond Light Healing Arts School, a State Approved Energetic Healing

        Certification Program, Certified Energetic Healer

    ●  Body-Centered Pyschotherapy Training with Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks,

    ●  Rosen Method Bodywork Training,

    ●  Reiki Training/Certification,

    ●  Embodiment Training with Grant Ramey,

    ●  Ballroom dance training, ballet, Argentine Tango, Afro-brazilian dance classes,

    ●  Non-violent Communication/ Compassionate Communication study and classes,

    ●  Conscious Language study group and workshops with Robert Tennyson Stevens,

    ●  Soulful Communication with Taber Shadburne,

    ●  Corr® Responsible Relationship Workshop/Certification with Maryanne Comaroto

    ●  Understanding Men, Satisfying Women®/ PAX Program Graduate

    ●  The Queen’s Code/ Allison Armstrong

    ●  Man-Woman Relationships Made Easy/ Kristina Catalina

    ●  Life and Relationship Success Course and Coaching with Dr. Wendy Lyon

    ●  Dating & Relationship Success Coaching/ Conscious Couples Classes with Kimi Avery,

        Relationship Expert, PAX Programs Licensed Partner.

    ●  Give Yourself To Love Relationship Training with Sonika and Christian

    ●  Attracting Genuine Love Training with Katie & Gay Hendricks

    ●  Lasting Love Made Easy Training with Katie & Gay Hendricks



      From the beginning and to the end, Florence’s best teacher is her own experience, daily practice, and exploration, of which she has been a dedicated student.  Florence feels it important to know what she’s talking about from her own experience, accomplishment, and embodiment.  Because of extensive personal exploration, practice, and learning experientially, Florence always offers unique and next-level mind-body health, healing, and heart matters guidance. For the last 20+ years, she has been a teacher, facilitator, and inspiration, sharing the wisdom she have gained and used to free herself from unnecessary suffering and to stay healthy naturally, and fulfilled in life and relationships.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE, 20+ years experience including:

    Weekly Adult Classes for 18 years

    Senior Classes

    Kids Classes

    Yoga in the workplace, including Lucasfilm

    Yoga in hospitals, including Kaiser Permanente

    Yoga at Meditation Centers, including Spirit Rock Meditation Center

    Workshops/ Retreats

    Individual Sessions

    Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance Class Facilitator at Treatment Centers

    Your Heart Matters Communication Coaching at Community Wellness Center


Florence Schneider
YOUR HEART MATTERS Communication Coach, 
Counselor, Mediator, & Program Facilitator;
FLOWGA Teacher

Marin County, California


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